The International Association of Lyceum Clubs (IALC) is the formal association of national Federations of Lyceum Clubs worldwide. Currently, there are Lyceum Clubs in 17 countries around the world.

This history is based on material contained in the following book: Constance Smedley, Crusaders: The Reminiscences of Constance Smedley (Mrs Maxwell Armfield) (London: Duckworth, 1929).

In 1903, five women poets founded the “Lyceum Club” in London. Soon afterwards, this organization became the gathering symposium of successful women in their professions. Nowadays, the “Lyceum Club” exists in 17 different countries all over the world.

The mission of the organization is to unite women interested in art, science, social concerns and in the pursuit of lifelong learning.

The International Council is composed of delegates from all federations and only meets every 3 years during a congress at which a general assembly is also held.

The Georgian chapter of “Lyceum Club” was established on the 20th of November 2020, with the assistance of Swiss “Lyceum Club” counterpart. The club in Georgia will became the Name ‘International Lyceum Club Georgia’ after the ratification and official admission of IALC, this has been applied for and is planned for the international meeting in Morocco in 2022.

The classical music concert at 26.02.2021 was the first cultural event of the Georgian club and it was streamed online for the member countries.

NEWS: Lyceum Club Georgia received international status.

IALC Congress 2022 Rabat, Morocco 22-30 May 2022

Lyceum Club Georgia received International status. 

In May 2022,  Lyceum Club Georgia  received status of  “International Lyceum Club Georgia” on  IALC  conference in Rabat, Morocco.